The Snedicors first entered the world of business when Burt and George bought eggs and poultry from local farmers. They then packaged and shipped them via horse drawn wagon down Grand River to Detroit for sale to small grocers. By the mid 1920s the large grocery chains had forced them out and they bought the cleaners in 1927.

Eggs & Poultry
Bert (L) and George Snedicor in front
of one of the locations for the family egg
and poultry business on Grand River.



This is the store in the teens,
before the Snedicors bought it.
This is still where we do all the
cleaning today!


The First Lesson
This is an advertisement from the 1920s.
Blanche Snedicor owned the business then.
Note the three digit phone number - 330.

Pat Gale
Pat Gale in front of the store with
Michigan Avenue in the background.
Pat lived in one of the apartments
above the cleaners in the 1930s with
her sister and parents. Her dad Jessie
ran the plant and everyone helped out!