Green Cleaning

Snedicor's Goes Green With GreenEarth Cleaning.


Jim Gilligan Snedicor's Owner
Address: 220 S. Michigan; Howell, MI 48843
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Snedicor's Cleaners Adopts New Environmentally Friendly Drycleaning Process

Jim Gilligan, owner of Snedicor's Cleaners in Howell and Brighton, announces the conversion of his dry cleaning facility to the innovative and environmentally friendly Green Earth cleaning system. Snedicor's is the first drycleaner in Livingston County to adopt Green Earth and one of the first in Michigan to do so.

"I first learned about Green Earth cleaning in 2001 but at the time felt that the new technology needed more development time. I was convinced that the process was fully developed and ready to bring to Livingston County while on a recent convention trip to Australia," Gilligan says. "I knew right away that it was something I was interested in bringing back to my customers, not only for the environmental benefits of the advanced system, but because of Snedicor's continued efforts to provide the best quality and service to our customers. The Green Earth solution is less aggressive than the traditional perchloroethylene solvent that has been in use for decades. With Green Earth the clothes come out less wrinkled, with less lint and a softer hand. The whites come out bright white, plus there is no longer the concern of dye bleeding in colored garments," he added.

Green Earth Cleaning involves using an innovating silicone-based solution, rather than the typical carbon-based solvents used by traditional dry cleaning services. The silicone solvent is chemically inert, so it is completely safe for all garments and for the environment too. Silicone is made from sand (silicon dioxide). Green Earth silicone solvent is closely related to the same silicone that has been used for decades in hand lotions, antiperspirants, and other personal care products. It is able to carry detergent to the clothes and pull away suspended dirt and oils. All these benefits and helping to support a cleaner environment go hand in hand with Green Earth cleaning.

Snedicor's first business venture was in the grocery industry. Burt and George Snedicor bought eggs and poultry from local farmers and shipped them on a horse drawn wagon into Detroit via Grand River. They were forced out of the grocery industry by the growth of large chain stores in the mid 1920's. By 1927 they bought the cleaners and began their history in the cleaning industry.

Today, Snedicor's is still family owned and prides itself on continued service to the community. By staying focused on the customer, Snedicor's brings a high level of professionalism to the intimate nature of garment care. Besides their locations in Howell and Brighton, Snedicor's also offers complimentary pick-up and delivery service in Livingston County and Ann Arbor.